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Thursday, September 29, 2016

And We'll Trip Along Merrily...

     Still one of my favorite Looney Tunes cartoons.


     After several months at the mold maker and caster, the 40mm Robin Hood set is ready for sale.

     This set includes Robin, Tuck, Scarlet, Marian, Alan and Little John with axe or staff option

ROB-01           Robin Hood set 1           $40

      My website is not working correctly right now. Orders can be placed by email at Highlander Studios.



     Again, it has been far too long between posts. Things started moving quickly at the old house. Several things needed to be done for the occupancy permit. Then the cleaning happened and it went on the market. Susan and I were prepared to settle in for the long haul while it was being listed. The agent listed it late on a Saturday night and we were stunned when she contacted us the following Monday morning to tell us three people were in a bidding war. It was on the market less than 36 hours before we chose a buyer. Then came all of the inspections and negotiation and hurry up and wait stuff. We closed last Friday for several thousand dollars more than asking price.

     Saturday I got up fairly early and started thinking about what I needed to get done at the old house over the weekend. Then it hit me... not a damned thing! Twenty five percent of my existence over the last 18 months has been defined by that house. So now what?

     I've decided to re-brand myself as a Viking. OK. So maybe not a full fledged Viking since I'd still like to spend some time gaming, learning new skills and sculpting. I had started reading Make Mead Like a Viking just before the closing. So that's the part I'll focus on.


Make Mead Like a Viking

     I started with the ginger bug (starter) and some homemade coffee liquor. The not-Kahlua turned out pretty tasty.

     I moved on to some homemade ginger ale and got the first batch of small mead going.

     Small, or short, mead is one that doesn't age long and is consumed fresh. This gallon test batch should be ready in a few weeks.

     We have 5 crab apple trees and a quince on the property, so some hard crab apple cider is in the works this week. In about three weeks I'll brew a batch of show mead. Unfortunately that mead won't be ready until Christmas of 2017 at the earliest. I'll definitely need to perfect the small mead in the mean time.

     So there you have it. Highlander Studios, Inc. re-branded as a sculpting, gaming, prepping Viking.

    If you have any questions about methods or recipes, please don't hesitate to email me at the Highlander Studios address. I'd be happy to talk brewing with you.