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Monday, April 29, 2013

Sons of Ares Get New Equipment

     I've been using Rebel Minis Sahadeen for my Sons of Ares separatists on Mars for several years. Most of the scenarios have involved highly out-gunned Martians defending field camps and attacking convoys to get weapons to sustain the fight. Earth Force loyalists usually have all the cool toys.

     I decided that the campaign world storyline involves the Sons of Ares gearing up for limited production of lower tech vehicles. So I started scouting around for suitable models. I've considered using WWII German or Russian vehicles with some minor conversion, but all my current models are pulling duty as actual WWII vehicles.

    On a late night trip to Wal Mart for groceries I wandered through the toy aisle. Yes, I know, groceries aren't usually to be found in the toy section, but one must check to be sure. Anyway, the Matchbox line had some interesting vehicles pushed to the front of the pegs this time.

     My first find was the Coyote 500.

     Rugged looking, boxy, low tech looking enough without being instantly recognizable as a blast from Earth's past. Add a gun turret and a few cosmetic modifications and I have a couple of good gun buggies for my martians. The vehicle is slightly over scale for 15mm, but it looks like it could carry a small squad or fire team with no problem.

     My second find was the Rock Shocker.

     Originally designed as a BMX rescue vehicle, it looks like the addition of Katyusha style rockets on the back and a few more cosmetic changes would turn this into a great all terrain rocket truck.

     Now the next piece is not specific to the separatists. I was at a comic sale on Saturday where they had a bin of toy parts. I found a... well... something.

     I don't know what toy this came from and frankly I don't care. This just screams atmosphere generator to me. Again, with a few modifications and a new paint job, this will make a great scenario objective for an attack/ defend game. Or just a nice set piece for any other sci-fi game I want to run.

     So for a total cost of $4.50 for all 5 pieces, I have some great new toys for future games. I'll post more photos as I complete their transformations.

Then There Were Four

     I wrapped up the bulk work on the fourth of the RastlWorld figures on Friday. Today was the first day with decent light for pics. That doesn't, by any stretch of the imagination, mean that I can take good pictures, but at least they aren't all blurry.

    So the first thing I noticed was a stray piece of putty right under the right breast. There's also a bit of a burr at the bottom of the jacket on that side. I'm also seeing a ridge on the left heel and problems with the ear/ neck/ jaw line. That's one of the good things about checking photos. It's frustrating to see the stupid little corrections that need to be made, but good to catch them before they go out the door.

     In this one I see that the panty line around the right buttock is rough and some trouble with the the right boot. Sometimes the camera and light make you see things that aren't there, but in this case, there is a little extra putty that needs to be scraped away.

     The left boot was already discussed here. I'm also seeing a bit of transition problem in the left leg right above the 13 in the watermark. I need a little more definition in the jacket braid above the left hand.

     Ok, so some final polish to put on this figure and she'll be ready. The last on is mostly done and I should be ready for last looks with her on Wednesday. Send the photos off to the client, make adjustments as needed, and on to focusing on a new project.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

MURG: IMP and Goblin Invasion

     It's the 13th of the month and time for a re-release of a Battle Miniatures Emporium figure. This months addition is the MURG: IMP for their Tomorrow Black range.

MURG Imps Swarm

MURG Imps Swarm includes: 3 MURG Imp Bases.

MURG Imps, like their cousins MURG Flies, dwell in swarms wherever The Murghaste thrive. These tiny monstrosities eat all flesh but that of The MURG. The remains of their victims becomes infected, and the plague spreads.

For more pics and information on these products please visit The Product Gallery

     They are available at the Highlander Studios, Inc. shop under the Tomorrow Black heading.

     I have also taken over distribution for the Goblin Factory. It will take a week or two to get the items listed on my website. For now please email any orders or inquiries to me.

     The link has their old website that has not been updated since our web guy went awol about three years ago. There are also heavy armored goblins, kobolds and halflings available. Please bear with me as I get pictures and add them to the catalog.

     These items will be located on my web shop as they get listed under the Goblin Factory heading.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Women in Three Scales

     Last month's theme seemed to be women. All right, so there were a few other items thrown in, but I ended up with several new pieces that were women in three different scales.

    Let's start with 15mm.

    These are two pieces from different projects. The lady on the left is a Skraeling woman. The girl on the right is Bridget the Midget. She's a dancer to help fill out the 5150 club set with Mr. bad Example and his bouncer. I'll be adding 2-3 more sculpts to that set later this month.

    Moving on to 28mm we have a western girl for a new commission project. Hopefully we'll be seeing more men and women in this line at a rate of one or two per month.

    The priority commission on my table has been the RastlWorld Minis Napoleonic women. I finished up the second and third last week.

    Work is going at a good pace on these at last and I should have the fourth done this week and the fifth ready by he end of next week.

    The last piece is the fifth in the 40mm Robin hood stuff I've been working on. We have Maid Marian.

    I'm troubled by the head on this one. I'll probably need to go back and resculpt it so it isn't so big. That's one problem with adding successive layers of putty. They tend to build up a bit more than expected as you try to work out the surface details.