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Saturday, April 13, 2013

MURG: IMP and Goblin Invasion

     It's the 13th of the month and time for a re-release of a Battle Miniatures Emporium figure. This months addition is the MURG: IMP for their Tomorrow Black range.

MURG Imps Swarm

MURG Imps Swarm includes: 3 MURG Imp Bases.

MURG Imps, like their cousins MURG Flies, dwell in swarms wherever The Murghaste thrive. These tiny monstrosities eat all flesh but that of The MURG. The remains of their victims becomes infected, and the plague spreads.

For more pics and information on these products please visit The Product Gallery

     They are available at the Highlander Studios, Inc. shop under the Tomorrow Black heading.

     I have also taken over distribution for the Goblin Factory. It will take a week or two to get the items listed on my website. For now please email any orders or inquiries to me.

     The link has their old website that has not been updated since our web guy went awol about three years ago. There are also heavy armored goblins, kobolds and halflings available. Please bear with me as I get pictures and add them to the catalog.

     These items will be located on my web shop as they get listed under the Goblin Factory heading.


m4jumbo said...

Great news. Very much looking forward to pictures of the kobolds and heavy goblins!

I am looking to bulk out my Goblin Factory & old Ral Partha orc & goblin armies. Hopefully prices will remain the same as the Goblin Factory site.

Brandlin said...

I hope you're better than the original guys. I tried several times a few years ago to get an order to the UK. international shipping on the web site didn't work, tens of emails ignored. Looking to use these as lesser goblin rabble in my grenadier Orc and goblin horde. Probably want 4units of 40 plus, mixed infantry. Can you confirm the average base size?

Lee B said...

At least the UK has a lot of dealers for classic fantasy sculpts. Now I can get metal humanoids (that don't look amateur) for less than 6-10 per model.