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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Lo There Do I See My Father

     One of my guilty pleasures when it comes to movies is the 113th Warrior. Every time I see it when channel surfing, I stop whatever else I'm doing and watch it. It doesn't matter at what point I came in,I like to sit and finish the movie. Yes, I know it's crap from a historical perspective, but the imagery and the story have me in it's grip from the moment Hrothgar's son arrives at the Viking burial.

     When I started sculpting figures a whole new world was opened to me and my gaming table, but with it came a whole new set of problems. You see, I want to sculpt everything. Sometimes it is just an artistic interest to see if I can recreate some of my favorite characters in miniature. Other times, I want to put them on the table and have a game around them. There are stories to tell that aren't in the books and movies I'm reading. Also, I doubt very much if I'm the only person who feels this way.

     Now those first two paragraphs may seem to belong to two different posts, but when both concepts are experienced at the same time, there is an even more driving urge to create the subject matter in miniature. I don't have the time to go haring off after every sculpting whim. But every now and then the stars align and I get a commission to do those projects close to my heart. One such was Splintered Light Miniatures' Romano-British line of figures and the accompanying Dark Age armies. The most recent has been a set based loosely on the 13th Warrior also for Splintered Lght.

     Here are some pics of this 20 piece, 15mm set. They are in the order of completion. Some of the warriors' have very little screen time and costumes change throughout so I've done the best I could to find image sources and made other details up.

     To be honest, this project took a lot longer than it should have. Many life challenges, a project that was given priority, the search for imagery, and a garden that consumed nine months of my time last year got in the way. I was able to get back to sculpting regularly in January and get these wrapped up this month. I can't say when they will be made available as that isn't up to me.

     David, thank-you for your patience and the really cool commission.