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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Diminutive epic contest - or Dwarf tossing in the arena

I finally found the time to sit down and try out Two Hour Wargames' latest version of Red Sand Blue Sky. I played one game last night but my camera battery was dead. So I decided to play a second game this afternoon and get some photos.

I grabbed my Foundry dwarf gladiators, a bucket of dice and the rules and sat down to an epic battle of 26 turns between dwarven titans, Pullo and Longinus.

Pullo, Murmillo
Enter Pullo, Murmillo!
Savy:         3
Strength:    4
Speed:       3
Signature:  Agile (adds +1d6 to the Maneuver table)

Longinus, Retiarius

Enter Longinus, Retiarius!
Savy:          3
Strength:     3
Speed:        3 (+1 without net)
Signature:   None
Non-Player Gladiator

Both titans enter on opposite sides of the arena.
Let the tossing begin!
Pullo advance to the center while Longinus hesitates a bit.
Longinus looks for an opening.
Longinus advances to the center and attacks head on. There is a brief flurry that ends with both holding their ground and catching their breath.
Titans hold the center.
Longinus backs off seeking an opportunity to cast his net. Pullo advances, denying that opportunity with a head on attack. His sword finds Longinus low in the belly for a serious wound. The crowd cheers at first blood while Longinus writhes in the sand. Looks like it will be a short, victorious match for Pullo.
Blood is spilled!
In an amazing display of agility, Longinis leaps to his feet and presses Pullo. A series of atacks, retreats and counters by both parties ensues ending with a failed shield bash by Pullo. Longinus thrusts his trident as Pullo stumbles past, striking his shield and only knocking him down.
Pullo narrowly escapes harm.
Pullo finds himself moving to the center trying to catch his breath only to be swept off his feet by Longinus' net.
At least I have the center...
For several long minutes Pullo chases his opponent around and across the sands of the arena finally trapping him against the wall. Pullo tries the head on attack again. Longinus hols his ground and then sidesteps to the heart of the arena. Pullo follows with an attack to Longinus' unshielded side. Longinus counters and drives his trident into Pullo's belly. Both titans are not wounded.
Longinus slips his trident under Pullo's shield.
Longinus moves to the center. Pullo presses the attack. Several exchanges later, Longinus has been forced to retreat to the wall again. Where Pullo attacks the unshielded side to no avail. Our gladiators catch their breath and seek advantage.

Not learning from his previous attempts, Pullo advances again. The trident's reach comes into play and Longinus stabs Pullo in the gut again, pining him. The crowd goes wild as Pullo's life leaks into the sands.
Alas, poor Pullo.
After my first two games I find that I truly enjoy this new rule set. I'll need to give it a try with live opponents. I'm finding that the NPG tables are fairy easy to use, but the latest rule regarding the net makes it almost impossible for a non-player gladiator to make a net attack. I fudged a turn and make Pullo stand and catch his breath so I could try one out. Around turn 20 I also fudged an NPG movement roll to allow the gladiators to close. I didn't want to sit there for another 20 minutes while they danced around. Alas, poor Pullo. My fudge decisions cost him his life.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Cold Wars - the return

I'm back from Cold Wars and slowly returning to work. Dealing with hundreds of people each day, drinking a bit too much and poor convention diet wipes me out. However, the unpacking continues and today I found a few of the figures I finished while I was there.

The first is for my upcoming Victorian Sci-Fi release. I present... Swakhammer.

He's my image of a character from Cherie Priest's novel, Boneshaker. He's a giant of a man with 2 big-ass pistols and a sonic cannon.

He'll be sold as part of a pack of VSF adventurers.

The second is a a jungle woman inspired by the Frazetta painting of Tarzan and the woman facing off against some Neanderthals.

In the painting the pose is pressed a lot closer to the ground. I've raised it a bit for the sculpt so the mold material doesn't get stuck and tear as easily.

Tarzan is forthcoming. I'm not completely sure when these will be available, but I think they are sold. I'll announce details when/ if I am permitted.

Both figures are 15mm. Enjoy.