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Monday, March 14, 2011

Cold Wars - the return

I'm back from Cold Wars and slowly returning to work. Dealing with hundreds of people each day, drinking a bit too much and poor convention diet wipes me out. However, the unpacking continues and today I found a few of the figures I finished while I was there.

The first is for my upcoming Victorian Sci-Fi release. I present... Swakhammer.

He's my image of a character from Cherie Priest's novel, Boneshaker. He's a giant of a man with 2 big-ass pistols and a sonic cannon.

He'll be sold as part of a pack of VSF adventurers.

The second is a a jungle woman inspired by the Frazetta painting of Tarzan and the woman facing off against some Neanderthals.

In the painting the pose is pressed a lot closer to the ground. I've raised it a bit for the sculpt so the mold material doesn't get stuck and tear as easily.

Tarzan is forthcoming. I'm not completely sure when these will be available, but I think they are sold. I'll announce details when/ if I am permitted.

Both figures are 15mm. Enjoy.


Brother Joseph said...

Kinda cool.

Eli Arndt said...


Dude, those are some nice, clean, spiffy figs.


blacksmith said...

The woman is awesome

Brother Joseph said...

Eli Hot Rod and I have to RAZZ each other some.
If I say they are wonderful...it is to much.

ArmChairGeneral said...

Good work