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Monday, April 29, 2013

Then There Were Four

     I wrapped up the bulk work on the fourth of the RastlWorld figures on Friday. Today was the first day with decent light for pics. That doesn't, by any stretch of the imagination, mean that I can take good pictures, but at least they aren't all blurry.

    So the first thing I noticed was a stray piece of putty right under the right breast. There's also a bit of a burr at the bottom of the jacket on that side. I'm also seeing a ridge on the left heel and problems with the ear/ neck/ jaw line. That's one of the good things about checking photos. It's frustrating to see the stupid little corrections that need to be made, but good to catch them before they go out the door.

     In this one I see that the panty line around the right buttock is rough and some trouble with the the right boot. Sometimes the camera and light make you see things that aren't there, but in this case, there is a little extra putty that needs to be scraped away.

     The left boot was already discussed here. I'm also seeing a bit of transition problem in the left leg right above the 13 in the watermark. I need a little more definition in the jacket braid above the left hand.

     Ok, so some final polish to put on this figure and she'll be ready. The last on is mostly done and I should be ready for last looks with her on Wednesday. Send the photos off to the client, make adjustments as needed, and on to focusing on a new project.

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