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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Women in Three Scales

     Last month's theme seemed to be women. All right, so there were a few other items thrown in, but I ended up with several new pieces that were women in three different scales.

    Let's start with 15mm.

    These are two pieces from different projects. The lady on the left is a Skraeling woman. The girl on the right is Bridget the Midget. She's a dancer to help fill out the 5150 club set with Mr. bad Example and his bouncer. I'll be adding 2-3 more sculpts to that set later this month.

    Moving on to 28mm we have a western girl for a new commission project. Hopefully we'll be seeing more men and women in this line at a rate of one or two per month.

    The priority commission on my table has been the RastlWorld Minis Napoleonic women. I finished up the second and third last week.

    Work is going at a good pace on these at last and I should have the fourth done this week and the fifth ready by he end of next week.

    The last piece is the fifth in the 40mm Robin hood stuff I've been working on. We have Maid Marian.

    I'm troubled by the head on this one. I'll probably need to go back and resculpt it so it isn't so big. That's one problem with adding successive layers of putty. They tend to build up a bit more than expected as you try to work out the surface details.


Ed the THW Guy said...

Whew! Glad you Was clarified Bridget. Was wondering if you had imbibed a bit too much, LOL. Great stuff as always.

Joseph Byrd said...

Yup...I was thinking: "Soup, you need to get out more..."