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Monday, March 25, 2013


    Just a short post to show the latest in the 40mm Robin Hood set. This time... Will Scarlet.

    Again, this one was started many years ago and was set aside to work out the details while other projects were completed.

     I'm still not particularly interested in adding 40mm products to the Highlander Studios lines. I simply enjoy sculpting them.

    If anyone is interested in purchasing them, there are currently six figures: Robin, Little  John, Tuck, Scarlet, Marian and Alan a'Dale. The last two should be completed in a week or two. These were designed with a 1000AD to 1100AD version of Robin hood in mind.
     I'm planning to continue with Nottingham personalities when these are finished. These could be commissioned and designed to your liking with the purchase of this set.
     Here's the link to the Robin and Little John post. ROBIN AND LITTLE JOHN

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