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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Merry Man

   It's good to be sculpting again after the cold snap.  It looks like I won't be taking February off to just concentrate on Space: 1889 stuff, though. I still have some girls to wrap up for RastlWorld Minis and a couple of priests for the Tekumel project. All other commissions are completed or on hold. I'm pleased with the digital sculpting for Space:1889 and I look forward to seeing the prints this week. And I have been adding time to the project as this month progresses. So we should see a bunch of new items for Historicon.

    I got permission from RastlWorld to show some progress pics. I'll be putting them in a separate post later this week or early next week.

    For now I'll show another of Robin's merry men. With Robin and Friar Tuck finished I started working on Little John, Marian and Will Scarlet. I found some images as a base for John. I liked elements of the picture shown below.

    I liked the general pose and several details like the pant legs and hat, but I wanted him to be a bit more bushy. Here's how he ended up.

    The axe end is a separate part to aid in casting, but also to allow for a more traditional quarter staff variant. The end product will be supplied with both to be assembled however the customer wishes.

    To make him more bushy, I added a fur cape and a beard.

    Here's a shot of John and Robin for comparison. Little John is a head taller than the Vercingetorix model, about half a head taller than Robin if he were standing and he absolutely towers over the good Friar.

    Alan a'Dale went on the table this morning and I should have the set of six done for the end of February. I've been looking at Kickstarter and Indiegogo for this project. I'm not convinced that 40mm has a big enough following to support the funding. I'd also have to choose stretch goals that I could actually manage to meet if they were funded.

    I'm still interested in selling the set outright. If you know of a company that produces 40mm figures that might want to add them to their lines, point them my way.

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