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Friday, February 8, 2013

U.S.P.S. Forces of Evil

          Once again the forces of evil have conspired to screw with businesses everywhere here in the United States. Postal rates have increased drastically. My new rates effective immediately will be the following:

          Domestic Mail - remains $6.00 for packages up to 4 pounds.

          Foreign Mail - to Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and the United Kingdom : Up to 8 oz. will cost $14.00, between 8oz and 1 lb. will cost $17.00 and between 1 lb. and 4 lbs. will cost $25.00.
          These countries are entered into the web store and can be calculated automatically.

          Other Countries - please email your order to highlanderstudios@comcast.net . I'll send a PayPal invoice with the postage added.

          Please Note - I realize that these costs are steep. And I had to make cut off points for the shopping cart software. Anyone placing a foreign order who would like to email me their order, I'll be happy to provide a more accurate postage fee rounded to the next dollar based on actual weight via a PayPal invoice. It could end up saving you a few dollars.

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