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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

And It's a Crappy Picture day

    I finished the set of FIW casualties last night. I had to send them out to Old Glory this morning so photos were taken even with the poor light. My apologies, but you'll get the gist of the poses anyway.

    When I started this group I wanted to make a set of casualty figures that wasn't the typical "file off one side of a line figure and lay him down" crap that a lot of companies pass off. I understand that they are only markers, but still in a perfect world each figure should have its own personality. So that's what I went for with these.

    These first two are the Woodland Indian casualties.

    The next two are generic European casualties.

    One officer and three assorted troops.

    I also had a small amount of time to play with a personal project. Enter: the minions.

    Well, ok. So it's only one minion right now.

    I'm getting a hideous glare from the afternoon sun on the pre-cast helmet.

    Yeah, no sun this morning when I needed it, but hey... there will be more pictures sometime down the road when I get some back to paint.

    Oh... all figures are 1/100 scale for 15mm gaming.


alastair said...

Excellent casualties... I hadn't realised I needed them till now :)

Jay said...

Very nicely sculpted and certainly functional.

Don said...

Love that minion. Will order in huge multiples when he becomes available, along with any of his little friends.

dis said...

The minion is great! I'll definitely order a platoon or so of these...

Don said...

How's that minion coming along? Does he have any buddies? I'm ready to donate in the usual way, just say the word.

Anonymous said...

Love the casualties.... They fill a huge gap for F&IW (enough to get me playing)

Will the minion or his buddies be available at any time (i.e. charity fund-raisers)??

Rodrick Campbell said...

Hopefully Around Historicon with some opponents. I've been rethinking the mix of poses to get the first sets of 10 done with only six sculpts each.

Email Khurasan if you need some really good stand-ins in the meantime.

Unknown said...

Hi, do you sell your "Minions"?
Are they available?