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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Interesting coincidence

I finally started painting my Splintered Light Romano-Britons this month. I also had a few old Ral Partha ogres on the table to finish. As luck would have it they were completed about the same time and went into the same box for the sealant spraying. As I set them out on the newspaper to begin, I moved them around a bit and decided that it might be fun to have a small game using both together.

Romano-Brit Cymbrogi
Yesterday I was browsing the miniatures page and came across this post. "25mm as 15mm giants"


Interesting coincidence indeed.

Today I wrapped up some archers and skirmishers to go along with the cavalry. I'll be putting together a few small games later this week to try out my old Two Hour Wargames' Warrior Heroes rules. I'm anticipating that they will be short and bloody. Pictures and scenario write ups with stats will follow.

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Splintered Light Minis said...

Fun. I look forward to following the development of the project.