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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Conquistadwarf crossbows

I've been playing catch up with sculpting commissions after a six week root canal ordeal reminiscent of the end of Apocalypse Now. But I've managed to take a few hours each weekend to work on some of my own projects.

One of those has been the Weekly One Five jugger teams. The other has been a little more work on the Conquistadwarves.

This Sunday I was able to wrap up the crossbows.

I'm only starting with two poses. But these will allow for the assembly of army packs for a couple game systems out there. They may get helmet conversions later to add some variety without a lot of hassle.

This weekend I'll be working on two arquebus poses. They will start with helms and may be converted to bonnets later. I almost have enough pieces done for a master mold. But most likely pre-production casts won't be available until after Cold Wars.

I'm shooting for the end of April for production of both sets and the jugger teams. We'll see what happens.


Splintered Light Minis said...

These look great and will be an excellent addition to the range!

Brother Joseph said...

Not to shabby...Nice posing too.