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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Air Freshener Plus New Router = ?

    Susan decided I needed a Kindle Fire for all of the extra wedding work I've done in the the last 2 months. What can I say? I have a really great woman. However... the Fire was a bit frustrating. I reset my router, changed security settings, reset passwords and read about 20 articles on connecting the Fire to your existing wireless system. None of these things worked to get online with it. So off to Walnut I went to scope new routers.

    Jump back in time about 18 months...

    Several conventions ago I noticed an air freshener in a restaurant bathroom. It had good domed shape and arches that were scaled beautifully for 15mm gaming. Loads of sci-fi and VSF potential. I refrained from stealing the freshener. A month later I visited my parent's and found that my mom had these same air fresheners in the house. She even had a few that were used up. I took them home and stored them for later projects.

    Back in the present...

    New router plus air freshener equals...

    Martian stronghold!

    Well, the beginnings of one anyway.

    A little bit of detail sculpting and a quick paint job later I ended up with this.

Took a couple of hours of work, some garbage and a little paint and putty.

    The dome was left as a separate piece so I can move it around or leave it off if I wish. I'm also deciding what kinds of other movable detail elements I'd like to add. Walls, a mooring tower, stuff like that may well be in the future.


J Womack, Esq. said...

What brand of air freshener is that?

Rodrick Campbell said...

I didn't mean to leave the answer to that question hanging for so long, but I simply cannot find them in the stores to tell you. I'll have to ask my mom where she gets them the next time I go visit.