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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Zombie Nation

     All right. After several months of discussion and thought, Ed at Two Hour Wargames has launched his Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for All Things Zombie - Final Fade Out.


     I'm in the process of sculpting 15mm figures (5 survivors with their 5 zombified versions and 5 other zombies) for the basic perks of this campaign. With enough funding More people, zombies and special creatures will be added.
 Sample minis 15mm
     There are also two really cool game aids that will be useful for playing ATZ in any scale; a City Deck and a Zombie Deck.

     Check out the campaign here: All Things Zombie - Final Fade Out Minis and More. You'll find many different options for combinations of miniatures, rules and game decks. Something for any All Things Zombie enthusiast.

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