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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Robbie Zombie

     When Ed at Two Hour Wargames asked if I'd like to sculpt some figures for an All Things Zombie Indiegogo campaign, I jumped at the chance. One because I like zombie games. Two because it was a chance to get involved with the nuts and bolts workings of a crows funding campaign. And three because I really like working with Ed. So off we went.

     The basic plan was to sculpt 5 survivors, 5 zombie versions and 5 other zombies. There were some stretch goals added. We reached one for some urban fantasy figures, which really got me excited.

     The I did a test piece (actually a set of two pieces) way back in December of last year as a sample. This first survivor and zombie set was a military type with a SAW.

     The next four sets I was able to sculpt during the fund raising period. We did a hunter, a business woman, a female ganger and police officer.

     These were sent to the mold maker early on. You can see the sets of metal masters here.

     For the other set of zombies we decided on six instead of the usual grouping of five figures. These were to be one smart zombie with a shotgun and five more random types. For several years friends of mine have been telling me to make zombie versions of my Rednecks. This was the perfect opportunity.

     So Zeke became the shotgun wielding smartie.

     Mitch, Darla and Robbie became three of the others.

 And two other random zombies were added.

     For the stretch goal Ed wanted a werewolf,

     a pair of urban spell casters,

     and my favorites, the urban vampires.

     I'm happy to say that sculpting wrapped up last week and these last eleven figures were sent off to the mold maker. We should be well on target for our October delivery. Depending on his schedule we may even be a few weeks early. Fingers and toes crossed, people.


Mr. Harold said...

Really great Rod. I'm very happy I backed this!

I love the werewolf the most I think!

Anonymous said...

All great.
I think that crouching zombie is my favorite. The pose is fantastic.

Galdarbjelke said...

Should have backed, but didnt know of it.
Like the werewolf too, could be useful, as a Space 1889 creature (?).

Rodrick Campbell said...

The crouching zombie is my favorite pose also.

These figures and I think all of the cards and supplemental materials will be available for sale after we've filled all of the backer's orders. The benefit to backing was that you got a price break on things when they were purchased together.

The next kick starters I do will have some figures that are only available to backers as a bit of extra incentive.

Art Braune said...

For those of us that did not back the kickstarter for any number of reasons (not knowing about it is a good one) - will these be up for sale to the general public any time soon?

Rodrick Campbell said...

Art, These will be made available in their various sets between the end of October and mid November this year. We just want all of the backer orders filled and shipped first.