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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

First Crowdfunding Finished

     I'm happy to say that my first crowd funding experience with Ed at Two Hour Wargames was a success and all orders were shipped by the projected date at the end of October. It's a relief to have that first experience completed. It's also exciting because I can now offer the figures for sale on the website.

     Here are the new packs available as of today.

GID-02     Zombie Apocalypse Survivors     $6

GID-04     Zombified Survivors     $6

GID-05     Zombie Rednecks     $6

VIC-01     Ape Man Set     $5

     Yeah I know, these aren't zombies or survivors. They're just new additions to the website.

     I also have the Urban Fantasy Set coming for Fall In.

GID-03     Urban Fantasy Set     $6

     I'll have these available at the show and on the website after my return.  You can find the Zombies at the Gideon's Dust page.

Gideon's Dust minaitures

     And the Ape Man at the Victoria! page.

Victoria! miniatures

     Look for more additions around mid December.


Jay said...

Nice! The gorilla laughing at his own joke is funny!

I'll get my order in soon.


Phil said...

Great looking figures, beautiful colors!

Michaelmil ra said...


beautiful colors!so nice site...