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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Long Time Gone

     I'm still fighting the cold weather and sinus/ respiratory issues here, so I've been lax about posting. There are several sculpting and painting projects on the table to be wrapped up in the next week or two. All of the sculpting needs to go into one master mold so I've been working on each project a little at a time, which is not really the most efficient way to do things. I did manage to finish up a set of seated Hell Divers for Clear Horizons Miniatures and the command pack for my Space: 1889 Martians.

     Coming off the table in the next week are some figures for Rebel Minis, some aliens for Loud Ninja Games, another set of Hell Divers, a few pieces for Pictor's and the long awaited minions in white to go with my space pals. These will be heading to my mold maker as soon as they are done. I'll post pictures of these later.

     I have tons of things on the painting table. Actually they've been sitting there for a very long time during my ten month hiatus from painting. The absolute minimum got finished for releases, but most projects just sat while I moped about failing eyesight. It's finally time to think about bifocals. The doc says, at this point, it's probably better to just remove my glasses altogether when I work close. That seems to be working. Sometimes a combination of glasses and optivisor works out. But it has all been a depressing development that I was hoping would just go away.

     Anyway, I did start painting again late in December. Here are a few of the items I was playing with.

     Some 08 15mm sci-fi and a couple of Rebel Minis Tomcat walkers.

     I still play fantasy skirmishes and RPGs in 28mm. Here are a few Chainmail elves.

     Slightly converted Games Workshop Necromunda rats.

     And a Ratman sculpted by Bob Charrette.

     The larger stuff gave my eyes a much needed break while getting me back into painting. I also like the fantasy skirmish games because I can paint a few figures that interest me without trying to field whole units or armies.


Clive G said...

I really like the martian command.

The eyesight thing is a problem I've been having for a few years now. I can't seem to get the right mix of glasses and/or magnifiers. Not that seeing things better would improve my painting that much, but every little helps.

All the best!

Eli Arndt said...

Wow, not on;ly do you do great sculpting work, your brush work is no joke either. Love the rat ogre especially.


Rodrick Campbell said...

Thanks, Clive. The pack has a 4th guy in it but he's already in another master mold. And there's a shield from one of the Martian weapons drawings that goes with the leader in this picture.

Eli, thanks. I've been painting 34 years almost non-stop. I've streamlined the process so I can get good table quality miniatures out pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, those Hell Divers are yours?! I've admired them for a while.

I understand your concern with the eyesight. I've been a bit down in the dumps over the same thing. My eyes are going downhill and I've got bifocals now. Even then I have to look over the frames to do any sculpting/painting. To be honest I seriously think my days are numbered. All very depressing.

Anyway, enough of the gloomy talk! :)
That's a bunch of really great stuff Rod!