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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Burn Test - Episode 2

     No pictures with this one, just a brief update on the rocket stove burn tests.

     It was fairly warm here this afternoon so I took the rocket stove out for another test drive while I shoveled the sidewalk. No real success to report, but I did learn a few things from the failures.

     1) Do not overfill the fire chamber.
     2) The rocket stove does really sound like a rocket engine once you finally overcome the overfilling of the fire box.
     3) The top of the chimney needs to be more than 1/8" away from the bottom of any pan you place on the stove to heat. There is not enough space to provide adequate draw to keep the fire going.
     4) The bio-fuel briquettes are too large to restart the stove from hot ashes. You really need a good fire going with thinner material before adding these.
     5) The liner stores a lot of heat. The ten minutes of burning stored enough heat to radiate for about an hour even after I packed the stove with snow to snuff it.

     So... tomorrow I'll probably try it out again with a screen pan support I made. Pictures and test results after the next testing.

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