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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Victorian Street Furniture

     I've been practicing my digital skills a few hours each day by selecting a random item and working on it. Each one has taught me a some new or more efficient way of handling some of modeling with Rhino software.

     Over the weekend I modeled a Victorian street lamp.

     Today it was two versions of letter boxes.

     Until I get these into production in metal they will be available at Shapeways.They are available in 1/100 scale as well as 1/56 scale for 15mm and 28mm gaming.

     On Monday I received the quick test print of the steam launch.

     There are some design issues I need to adjust before the final master print and I may scale it up about 10%. But, all in all, I am thrilled to have a physical model in front of me. One step closer to the end goal of production.

     Work has stalled on the small bird while I figure out how I'd like to handle some design issues. But last week I was able to finish the digital work on the Aphid. I still need to revisit the guns and mounts, but the structure is done.


Phil said...

Love this superb Victorian street lamp!

Rodrick Campbell said...

Thanks. I should have metal casts available for 15mm in 6-8 weeks.