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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Inklings of a Plan

     I made a deal with the executrix of the property across the street last year. Trim work, removal of snow from the driveway and clearing downed branches in return for the use of 1200 sq ft of the property for a garden. That has worked out very well and I'm looking to expand. School taxes were raised this year and she was having trouble with the guy that cuts the lawn. So now she has a more expensive lawn service. She and her sister have decided it is indeed time to sell. My plan is to wait her out a little while and make an offer maybe in late Spring next year. During that time I'm going to start saving for a down payment by selling products and extra produce from the homestead at the local farmer's market. As plans go, that seems to be a good start.

     We purchased a set of porch furniture in May that came with a ton of styrafoam packing. I've started scratch building prototype terrain pieces from it for both 15mm and 28mm gaming. The second part of my plan to open Highlander Studios Ag division is to offer those and commissioned terrain and tile sets for sale. Proceeds from those sales will also be added to the down payment fund.

     I'll be using the sales page, Ag Division Down Payment Fund to list items for sale. Any inquiries for commissioned sets of tile or terrain can be sent to highlanderstudios@comcast.net.

     Here are a few of the prototypes available:

     28mm rubble wall corners

     Small 28mm standing stones

28mm stone arches

Lava chute tiles. Scale neutral but based on 3"x3" tile sections

28mm 3"x3" tiles

15mm 3"x3" tiles

     Most of these pieces are made from 1/2' thick foam. The wall ruins vary a little in thickness and the 15mm tiles are made from foam board with the facing paper removed. The foam has been strengthened with mod podge and polyurethane spray.

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