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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Product and News

Ok, actually it's older product, but I finally had time to paint some and take photos.

First up are the pigs.  What post apocalypse setting would be complete without bacon on the hoof? Turn your garbage into methane for fuel and eat well for the cost of a bit of stench. Make your neighbors green with envy as you live high on the hog.

And who will help watch over your pigs? Wolves. Well, after you've run off the ones trying to eat your livestock and domesticated a few. Man's best friend's slightly more aggressive cousin will provide hours of faithful companionship. Just keep an eye on your small children.

Here's a direct link to the product order page. Highlander Studios, Inc. catalog.

I was also able to send figures of to the mold maker last week. I spoke with him this morning and I should be getting pre-production masters of the following in the mail this weekend.

Quick teams A and B. These will be sold separately, as a set and as part of the complete boxed set of QWIK- Game of the Wasteland from Two Hour Wargames.

Other new items include new Conquistadwarf crossbows and Carolee, Dimachaerus. She'll be sold by myself and Two Hour Wargames.

Production molds are to be made next week and these items should be in stock around April 21st. A few painted pre-production pieces will be made available next week.

Thanks for looking.

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