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Friday, April 22, 2011

Painted QWIK sets are ready to go

The painted QWIK sets are ready for sale and available here:

Buy painted QWIK sets.

This set contains 14 painted 15mm figures. 10 different sculpts of Qwik players making 2 complete teams and 4 accessory pieces. This set sells for $45.

This set includes:
   2 Qwiks (the guy who scores)
   2 Chains (protects the Qwik)
   6 Drives (knocks other teams guys around)
   2 Stakes
   1 Dog skull
   1 Armadillo (track the turns or use in place of the dog skull for extra fun)

Sales of unpainted sets and sets plus rules will begin soon. Prices are $12 and $25 respectively.

There is also a Conquistadwarf army list for Two Hour Wargames' Rally Round the King available.

Download RRtK Dwarf army list free.

Enjoy and happy gaming.

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