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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pre-production casts are here

I received master casts from the latest mold on Friday. I painted a few up over the weekend. I have some unpainted copies for sale.

First the new space bugs. Tow poses with tri-barrel SMG and a leader. These will be sold in packs of 9 (4 each SMG and 1 leader) for $12. Shop

Next up is Hogzilla. This will probably be packaged with the new red neck hunters later. For now I have
some extra master casts. Unpainted. Painted.

My favorite bit of this order was the casts of the Space Pals and Bounty Hunter.

The camera angle makes the weapons look huge, but you get the general idea.

I'm looking into a limited license for these with the profits beyond operating costs going to charity. I'm still waiting for the reply on that one. In the meantime, email me for details if you'd like to be put on the list.

There were also some master casts of new Space:1889 items in this package. I'm still painting them and will post photos and availability as soon as they are done.


Don M said...

love the new bugs I'll have order some to go along with the first bunch I got from you!

Shinymelon said...

these are in 15mm? i want the bugs!

Anonymous said...

These look great. I'm having problems logging into outlook but could you please, please put me down for the space pals and bounty hunter, it'll make both me and my young son beam with happiness. Out of interest any ideas of how much they'll be?

Brother Joseph said...

Go Boy!

Jeff Racel said...

I love the bugs! I was going to order some of the Close Assault, but apparently there is only one pack in stock, so I will wait until I can order several packs at once to save on shipping.

Great work Rod.

Rodrick Campbell said...

Yes, these are all for 15mm gaming.

Sorry, Jeff, I only have the spins from the master mold right now. I should have the production castings by the end of next week. Could be a bit sooner, could be a bit later.

Jeff Racel said...

Not a problem Rod. I was hoping to do a little shopping while my wife was in China, but it will wait a little while. Do you knwo when you will have the other new heavy weapons bugs done?



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