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Friday, July 15, 2011

Space:1889 painted samples

     I've finished painting a few samples of the Space: 1889 masters. First up are two color tests of the gashant model.

     The test sculpt of the British infantry is next.

     The last two are from the character packs. Wilderness adventurers.

     And American adventurers.

     The adventurer packs will each have 4 different figures in them when they are released. The sculpts for the additional figures for these two and the 4 London adventurers should be heading to the mold maker sometime during the last week of July.

     I'll also be sending the rest of the gashant poses without hardware on them at that time. Look for an end of July/ early August release for these sets. Until then some painted pre- production pieces will be available while supplies last.


Don M said...

really looking forward to these!

The Red Right Hand said...

These look great!

Brother Joseph said...

The Americans are cool.