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Thursday, September 1, 2011

We were goblins once, and young

     I have permission to share a few pics of some new goblins I'm working on for The Goblin Factory. Here are the first 7 of 20.

     The 6 in this photo are goblin ashigaru with yari plus the standard and samurai commander. I have to sculpt the crests for his helmet yet, but these will be interchangeable.

     While I was working I decided that oriental goblins needed to include ninja. Here's the first. I have the go ahead to make some more for this part of the project.

     These are sculpted to fit with most 28mm ranges. The commander is the tallest, standing at 24mm sole to the top of the helmet. I'll be working on 2 more spears for the first set to be released in the fall. There will also be sword, bow, arquebus and naginata sets shortly after that.

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