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Friday, September 30, 2011

Billy Pink and the Hill Martians

     It's been far too long since the last post. I've been in and out of town for a couple of weeks, working on the house before the weather gets too crappy and playing catch up with a few commissions. But... I've also been working on a few new items for Fall In. At least I hope they can be molded and cast for Fall In. Fingers crossed, people.

     Anyway... First up we have a new 15mm 5150 personality, Billy Pink. He's the protagonist in many of Ed's battle reports. I kept him fairly low-key. He's reaching into his coat for... fill in your favorite item du jour.

     The Space: 1889 lines continue with the first of the Hill Martians. I'm sculpting spears, swords, bows and muskets in groups of five. I hope to be able to use the spears for the game at Fall In. I'm also working on a set of cavalry with spears. I'll post more pictures early next week.

     Work continues on the 5150 Zhuh Zhuhs. The big guy is finished. The other three mercs have been put on hold while I cram some Space: 1889 stuff in.

     In other news. I'm still waiting for the last batch of figures to be molded and cast. They've been in the queue for four weeks now. I should have then ready for sale at Fall In. The new products will include: Space Bug heavy weapons, Carolee in her QWIK uniform, Space: 1889 steppe tigers, gashant herd, American adventurers, Wilderness adventurers and dead gashants.

     The British troops for Space: 1889 are tabled until I get the weapon sprues back. I should be back to work on them around the middle of October. The London adventurers are back burnered while I push some Hill Martians. I have an interesting discussion with Ken Krout planned for the show as well. he's the guy that does the injection molded tanks and buildings in 15mm. I need to see what the physical limitations are and if it is a viable method for producing the airships. Again... fingers crossed.


Jay said...

I like the ugly slow minded (?) Zhuh Zhuh big guy. I can see a definite place for him in a scifi skirmish fight.

Matt said...

I really like that Billy Pink miniature! Going to have to get me one of those!

Sgt. Apone said...

Finally...a Billy Pink figure!

Will there be any Muggie-Zhuh-Zhuhs?


Matt said...

So when's Billy Pink going to be available? I want one! :-D

Rodrick Campbell said...

I have a few painted Billy Pink minis available now.