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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hill Martian Spear/ Halberd Sculpts

     All right there are just too many things going on for one post. I'll stretch this out over three or four posts this week.

     Let's start with an all night sculpting session to have things ready for delivery to Old Glory. I had a very limited window of opportunity to have my next master mold made in time for Fall In. So I put in several long days of sculpting that wrapped up this morning. The delivery of new Hill Martians for Space: 1889 was made this afternoon.

     You've seen these two before, but I included them here since they'll be part of the Hill Martian spear/ halberd pack.

     My apologies for the blurry photos. I had five minutes to snap them before I was out the door and on my way to deliver them and didn't get to review them. Anyway... here are two females for the same pack.

     This is the fifth pose for the spear pack.

     This is the first of the command pack. He'll have buddies added a little later, but right now I just needed one to have ready for my game at Fall In.

     The troop packs will contain 10 figures; 2 each of 5 poses. The spears should be available for sale at Fall In or shortly before that. The command packs will contain 4 individual poses to mix and match with the troop packs to build units.

     Other news for the Space: 1889 line: I picked up the first 2 sets of adventurers, gashant herd, dead gashant and steppe tigers from Old Glory. I'll have them posted on the business website for sale within a day or two. Painted photos will follow as I have time to do the displays.

     More news tomorrow.


Clive (in Luxembourg) said...

Too bad your shopping cart won't allow you to send me stuff in the EU.

Rodrick Campbell said...

Clive, It's covered under terms and conditions.

"Foreign Orders:

Please email your order directly to highlanderstudios@comcast.net. We will provide the current shipping cost for your approval before manually billing you through PayPal."

Until I've had 5-6 successful orders to a country outside the U.S., I like to take care of them manually so I can keep tabs on them easier. It also helps weed out the "Nigerian oil minister" requests.

If you are interested in ordering please let me know and I'll gladly take care of it.

Allen Swan said...

the Hill Martians look awesome. Are you planing on doing the Kraag as well? I also heard you were doing the ships will they be 15mm?

Rodrick Campbell said...


I will be doing the High Martians. And ships are in the planning stages. I've been putting my time in learning 3d modeling for that purpose. The big issue is deciding how I want to have them cast. They'll eventually be in 15mm and 1:1200 scale. I'm going to do some 15mm paper models of a few for practice.

Allen Swan said...

15mm would be great, resin and metal. The H.M.S Aphid had sister ships with slite changes so with only a few metal parts and useing the same basic body you could have as many ships as one wants.

Allen Swan said...

Have you talked to mr Chadwick about new movement, or any other rule modafications for the 15s?