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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bug Hut Mk I

   I spent some time playing with filters and such to texture the Space Bug hut. Here we have Bug Hut Mk I.

    I chose a watery copper with a force field door for the test printing and assembly. The whole model has been scaled down to about 85% of the original size to allow for two complete buildings per printed page. It's still large enough to serve as a pre-fab shelter for a squad of bugs.

    The Inkscape file was left as a multi-layered drawing so I can make variations later. There is a layer with the base color, one with the transparent filter effects, one with the shapes outlines and a text layer. For the final production PDF, I'll include several color schemes and textures and a couple of variant doors. But for a first build to practice all of the new skill sets I need to develop, Mk I is not too bad.

    Please feel free to Download the one page PDF and play around with it. Bug Hut Mk I. It's a big file yet (2MB); I haven't compressed the graphics so I can work on it more for the final version.


Jay said...

Clever. The force-field door looks interesting, nice affect.

Rodrick Campbell said...

Thanks, Jay,

The door was actually a happy accident, but I made sure to note how I did it. I learned a lot about baking high poly textures to low poly objects this past week as wee, so I can add details that will have depth and more visual interest to very simple fold up models.