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Friday, November 11, 2011

Post Fall In Recovery and Goblin Factory

    Fall In has come and gone. The three weeks leading up to it were a bit crazy. I had forgotten just how much work goes into getting a game together to run at a convention. I shared table space with Ken from Proxie Models and Don from the Goblin Factory. There was a lot of good company and conversation all weekend. I had a great time talking with people during the dealer hours and running the Custer on Mars game on Friday and Saturday nights. But, man, was I wiped out when I got back.

    After several days of taking it easy, the weather turned nice and my fiancee put me back to work on the outside of the house. The time working outside wasn't a total loss, though. I was able to sort through some commission work, do some online research and paint a few sample figures during the dead time. With the concrete patching, scraping and painting of the porch wrapping up this weekend, I'll finally be able to get back to sculpting.

    For now, though, here are a few pics of the new Oriental Goblins from the Goblin Factory. The first is a group shot of the goblin Ashigaru with yari and the command figures.

    The command figures include a samurai commander and a standard bearer. These will be going into their own pack once production begins.

    The yari goblins will be sold in their own pack. I'm not exactly sure what Don has in mind for the final packaging, but it will include some multiple of all six poses.

    As you can see all are in different poses and have armor and clothing.

    The master mold has been made and we're waiting for Old Glory to do the first two production molds. For now there are a few pre-production sets available at Highlander Studios. I'll be selling the new Goblin Factory figures until his website is completed and in working order. These sets include one each of all eight figures and sell for $15.

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