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Friday, December 9, 2011

Croclomachus: Take Two

     It's always a trade off between personal attachment and potential profit and the quick lump sum of cash when a client offers to buy something you sculpted for yourself. You guys may remember seeing Spoticus over at the Weekly One Five.

     I was planning to do a series of fantasy gladiators for myself to use with Two Hour Wargames'  Red Sand Blue Sky. There was also a crocodile gladiator started.

     A few weeks ago I received an email from David at Splintered Light Miniatures asking if I'd be interested in selling them. I thought a bout it a while and decided that I really had too many other things going on to worry about getting these into production myself. So off they went to the mold maker for David.

     They will find good homes in his lines of figures where they will have the company of many, many other friends that I've sculpted.

     And the cash will be put to good use to purchase cool Christmas presents. Thanks, David.


Brother Joseph said...

He turned out pretty cool.

Eli Arndt said...

Nicely done. Appreciate the step by step pictures.

La Long Carabine said...

Very cool, what scale/size are they?

Rodrick Campbell said...

These are 15mm and will be available from Splintered Light Miniatures soon if they aren't already.