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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Road to Recovery

     The Christmas laryngitis and sinusitis seem to be in check now. I've been slowly getting back to work on sculpting and painting commissions during the first part of this month. I still have half a dozen projects to wrap up as quickly as possible, but one was finished last night.

      I have permission to show pictures of a few 20mm post-apoc survivors I've done for a client. He's not ready for any announcement yet. So We'll call him Client X. Anyway, he wanted some survivors for a new range he's working on.

     The first is a leader type with binoculars, map and hunting rifle.

     This one is a little light on extra gear.

     The second is a guy wearing scarf and goggles. He was to have a fire axe and doumbek. Yes, you heard right, a doumbek. I'm not sure why he has a drum, but hey, It made for a fun new sculpting problem.

     Most of the figures in this range are wearing long coats and have extra packs and canteens. One of the previous three has a frying pan lashed to his belt and another has a slightly dented pot.

     The last figure is a smaller woman wearing a cut tee shirt.. Her coat is wrapped and tied at her back.

     A bulky pack, canteens, machete and pistol fill out the rest of her gear.

     As I said, Client X isn't ready to make any announcements of hard release dates or any other information yet. So asking me those kinds of questions won't be of any use. But I'm hoping to have see them within the next year. I'm chomping to paint some and maybe play a couple zombie games with them.


Jay said...

Very nice, Sir.

Luckyjoe said...

Those look great. Very nice detail and loads of character.