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Monday, August 13, 2012

Incoming this Week

    The mold maker finished the last 4 production molds on Friday. Production casts of the latest Highlander Studios products should be arriving around the end of this week. They are listed for sale on the site as of today. I'll be shipping at them out at the end of the week or early next week.

    Here is what's new:

    Space: 1889 British Firing Line (5)    BRI-01     $5.00

    Gideon's Dust Wild Spanish Pigs (6)   GID-AN03     $5.00

     Zap, zap zap! Die, Die Die! Monkey Boy Mercs (5)     ZD3-101    $6.00

     Space Kendo Masters and Student   See the Space Pals for Red Cross page to donate.

    All of these miniatures are sized for 15mm gaming and come unpainted.


Nathan Heazlett said...

Excellent! I'm excited to get the new set of space-kendo miniatures. The previous set (bounty hunter, etc.) was really nice.

Joseph Byrd said...

How dare you give New Hope Luke a Return Of The Jedi Saber!!!

Yur gonna burn for this sacrilege...Heretic, Blasphemer!!!


Dan said...

Awesome, I will be picking up the Kendo masters on Friday (pay day)

Anonymous said...

how do i order the bounty hunter and smugglers and the new jedi red cross campain miniatures.
thank you

Rodrick Campbell said...

Ernie, I sent the link to the Space Pals page to the address from your Highlander Studios Inquiry. You can also get to it from the pages section of the blog at the top left of each post. Hope that helps.