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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Worst Day Ever!

      Fritz was proud of his promotion to tank commander. No Russians in sight, he accelerated across the street toward the cover of a ruined building on the other side. He was confident in his crew and their...


~ I set out to test some modified damage results for vehicle combat in nuts. I never got to. The game ended after the first half turn.


James Bailey said...

Good Battle report, I never thought of a short and sweet battle report. Well done.

How did you make the roads, they add a lot to the report?

Rodrick Campbell said...


The roads are made from the fun foam sheets you find at a craft store or Wal Mart. I start with black sheets cut 3" wide and whatever length and shapes I need. Prime it light grey, drybrush a lighter grey over it, draw cracks with a black ball point pen and paint the road markings on.

This was a really quick test set as proof of concept. I purchased a white paint pen to try on the next batch. It may be easier than painting the lines with a brush.

James Bailey said...

Thanks Rodrick,

That is so easy and helps me other projects. ie rivers, lava, etc.

Happy Holidays.