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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Galactic A-hole Pre-order

     I don't usually do pre-orders. However I just got off the phone with the mold maker and the production molds are finished for the following codes:

VIC-121      British Firing Line W/ Masks     $5.00

     Click the title for a direct link to the product. Any orders for these will ship late next week.

     Here are a few more photos of these guys painted.



Allison M. said...

Heeeeey. Those look pretty good! Everyone needs a violent space raccoon for their less-than-100%-serious sci-fi game. I'm sure these miscreants could go toe to toe with any passing Space Pals, no problem ;)

Allison M. said...

Incidentally, I hadn't checked out those 15mm Mars-punk (is that a word?) figures in your store before. They're great! More cool things to wish I had time for...

John Bear Ross said...

I have seen GOTG twice, now, and I think I'm going back for a third.

My new favorite drinking toast: "Now let us put more of this liquid into our bodies!"



commanderroj said...

saw the film tonight. Never heard of it before, now these are on my want list for definite, and you have to do some 100% d*** villains to go with them.