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Friday, February 5, 2016

Where's Rodrick?

     See if you can find him in this picture of bamboo.

     Holy crap! Time has gotten away from me. The purchase of the house and getting the old one ready for market has consumed my existence for the last year. I've learned a lot of new skills for home repair and remodeling and I have a few more yet to learn. Some plumbing, electrical work and plastering walls. I have three more weeks to go on the old house. The new will be an ongoing process for years to come.

     I've also taken some time to learn new crafting and self sufficiency skills. I finally finished my foundry.

Ramming the refractory

Starting the charcoal

The fires of hell

     I learned a couple methods of making charcoal.

Paint can burn

Pine charcoal

Barrel burn

Clean burning afterburner

     There was also some canning,

New canning equipment

Home made sauerkraut canned

     Some leather working and some black smithing.

Anvil secured to the new anvil stand

6-7 oz. and 8-9 oz. shoulders

First buckle forged

Test assembly

Smithing apron parts so far

     There were also many small projects such as: pickling garlic, making malt vinegar, stacking fire wood and, of course, the ever present clearing of bamboo. It's all good knowledge to have and I've saved us thousands of dollars, but now it's time to sculpt again.

     This week I got back to projects for Splintered Light, Acheson Creations and Noggle Stones miniatures. Once those are out I'm on to some more for Pictor's and Empire of the Petal Throne. I'll be showing some of the new work in a week or two as it is finished up.


Ed TheTHWguy said...

Yep, new houses are time eaters, but time well spent.

Allison M. said...

Houses are time eaters in general ;)

Looks good. I'm impressed you have a home foundry! That's amazing.

phf said...

Glad to hear you are back in action. It looks like it was all "Time Well Spent" though! :-)