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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Highlander Studios is Moving

     At long last my wife and I have hound a house we can afford in a neighborhood we like. Highlander Studios will be moving in 6-8 weeks. Sculpting and painting will be at a minimum while we take care of the remodeling projects we want done before we move in.

     The property is just over an acre. Half of that is a steep wooded hill down to a creek. I'm looking forward to many landscaping and terracing projects over the next few years.

     The property also came with a bamboo grove. Yes, I know it's invasive stuff, but it's also one of my favorite plants. I have my work cut out for me in keeping it from spreading too far. On the other hand, I have a readily available, renewable source of building material for all sorts of projects.

     The basement has two rooms of particular interest to me. The smaller one is mostly underground due to the slope of the land. So it stays a consistent 60-65 F degrees.  This gets turned into the cold room for aging cheese, beer and mead. It will also serve as storage for root vegetables and bulk foods.

     The second room was a ceramics workshop. I'll be setting up resin casting there. With any luck, I can start spin casting in house as well.

     The bedroom on the first floor is to be my studio and office for sculpting and painting.

     You can see from the photos there is a good deal of work to do to get things ready. I've managed to put at least a couple of hours of work in every day this week and most days the week before when we closed. I'm excited by the prospect of new dedicated spaces for work and to finally be moving out of the hood.

     Susan is pretty stoked as well. She's wanted to move for several years. She likes the house, the yard, the back porch and the deck. There is also a third bedroom complete with a walk in closet on the second floor for her own private office. AND she gets two of the three walk in closets in the master bedroom.


Staz Matt said...

Wow that's a nice property.

Ed TheTHWguy said...

Good to hear of your impending move. Congratulations and hope the move goes smooth.

Clive G said...

Goo luck with the move, and I wish your every happiness in your new home.

Allison M. said...

Hmm I missed this post. Congratulations! It looks like a lovely home, and the cellar and workshop are an amazing bonus! The perfect place to hoist a cup of homemade mead and cast a fresh batch of your favourite figures :D

Anonymous said...

Rod, cool looking property. Congratulations! With that bamboo, you just have to start playing FNG. It will set the mood.
Hope to see you at Fall In.

Tom Bookwalter

Allison M. said...

Hey I hope the move went okay and that studio space is coming along :)

Don M said...

Very nice digs!