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Friday, August 11, 2017

You Can Ride Herd if You're a Zulu

     Yesterday I received the stock for two new 15mm products.

     First up is a herd of cape buffalo. There are 3 adult male, 2 adult female and 2 young sculpts. I also couldn't resist adding a Zulu rider to the set.

     GID AN-04       Cape Buffalo Herd w/ Zulu Rider           $15.00

     The second is the infamous Ned Kelly gang in armor. I've been fascinated with Ned Kelly since I saw an article about a 1/35 scale diorama in a modeling magazine as a kid. I have mounted police and constables on the workbench now and plan to make a Glenrowan Inn model.

     VIC-10          Kelly Gang in Armor           $5.00

     There have been a couple of other items to come off the workbench recently. This wizard's tower in 15mm has been a piece 6 years in the making. As the putty would get too firm to place on a figure I was sculpting I added more stones to the tower. I'll post again when I have decided how I will be putting it into production.

     I'd like to also remind folks that there are random items for sale at the Ag Division page. My wife and I are considering buying the property across the street to expand our gardening and orchard area. The house will need to come down, but hopefully we'll be able to keep the garage and turn the house foundation into a year round greenhouse.

Highlander Studios Ag Division Sales

1 comment:

Allison M. said...

I'm fairly certain the Zulus weren't crazy enough to ride cape buffalo... at least after they picked up the remaining identifiable parts of the first couple of guys who tried. This one must be the ultimate badass, I don't think even Michael Caine could take him.

The Kelly gang are great, so much you could do with those.