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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Some things I've learned from a heart attack

     Some of you are aware that one year ago today I survived what my health coach calls a major heath event. The physical recovery has been fairly straightforward. The mental and emotional part has been a little more tricky. I'd like to share the following thoughts as a reminder to myself and anyone else dealing with similar issues.

     Some things I've learned from a heart attack...

1) Even in the midst of a life altering event, remaining positive, pleasant, and polite can greatly reduce or eliminate misery.

2) Beating yourself up over past mistakes will not heal you. Learn from them, make changes, and move forward.

3) Never underestimate the healing power and comfort of a few kind words, a call, or a visit to someone dealing with a crisis.

4) Listen to your body. It's smarter than your brain.

5) I've known this all my life but it's worth mentioning again. Gratitude is key.

     I wish you all health, wealth and joy in this new year.



Ray Rousell said...

Great words Rodrick.

Clive G said...

I regret to say I wasn't actually aware - it's too easy for us to be busy, eyes down into our own little worlds and not looking up to see what is around us. But I'm glad you're progressing well.

I have been blessed with a beautiful grand daughter in the last year, but also watched a friend die by inches. I therefore got myself very reacquainted with the frailty of these lives we lead, at both ends of the process.

And I actually drafted a long(er) screed in response, but in fact you've expressed it all much more succinctly.

So here's wishing us all sufficient health, wealth and wisdom to enjoy what's laid in front of us!