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Thursday, August 18, 2011

5150 Monkey Boys - 15mm Zhuh Zhuh Mercs WIP

     Ed at Two Hour Wargames has been shooting me ideas for figures to populate New Hope City. The Zhuh Zhuh list alone is a bout as long as my arm. I put the project to simmer on my brain's back burner for a while. Here's what's cooking so far.

     I decided to make 5 figure packs of residents of New Hope City. The first denizens will be the Zhuh Zhuhs since there aren't a lot of stand-ins available on the market. And they have a certain appeal to me for sculpting. The first pack will be Mercs.

     This pack will include 1 merc leader, 2 mercs w/ assault rifle/ SMG, 1 w/ shotgun and 1 heavy water cannon/ energy weapon.

     This one still needs some work, but you can see where I'm going with it. I plan to have these available at the end of September.

     In other news loosely related to 5150, I've wrapped up the Carolee Drive figure for QWIK: Game of the Wastelands.

     Ed and I discussed making her a Qwik, but it was decided to put her in the Drive position. So she has a stick, fairly heavy armor and a helmet. The overall look was inspired by the Lingerie Football League. I was researching football pads and these images of yummy women kept popping up.

     Here are the stats for QWIK: SAV: 7, STR: 5, SPD: 7, PRO: HA, Signature: Agile, Brawler

    She'll be put into production with the next round of molds. So I hope to have her available for sale by the middle of September. 


Ed the THW Guy said...

Excellent and can;t wait for the first batch. Carolee figure is awesome.

Brother Joseph said...

Post these sexies at TW-15 Baby Boy.
We need to open that up again I think...

brutpaul said...

Great zhu zhu's! Love the detail like the boots!

Spacejacker said...

There is tragic vacuum in the 15mm ape Market that you have just filled. Awesome figs, looking forward to painting some.

Anonymous said...

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Kobayachimaru said...

Can't wait to have my Zhuh Zhuh gang!

Laughing Ferret said...

I've been having a lot of fun with 28mm apes lately, and would love to do some in 15mm too. These are looking great!