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Friday, August 12, 2011

Space: 1889 Wilderness Adventurers

     I'm still trying to strike a balance between getting the house ready to sell and getting the real work done. So work has slowed a bit more than I like while I paint 7 rooms and start pointing the foundation. However, I did get the other two wilderness adventurers done this afternoon and I have a good start on the two new poses of steppe tiger.

     The first is a great white hunter loosely based on Alan Quatermain.

      The second is an explorer based on Stanley.

      In other news, I'll be running some games at Fall In in the New Holland room. Same game, once on Friday night and once Saturday night. Here's the blurb:

Last Stand on Mars

Having survived his ignominious defeat at the Little Big Horn, Custer had become somewhat of a problem for the War Department. He was quietly demoted to Captain and transferred to the 5th Cavalry. Custer shipped out for Mars with the 5th in 1886 seeking to regain his former glory. A routine reconnaissance to investigate rumors of a Martian uprising finds Custer and his company once again surrounded by angry natives. Can he break out or hold on until the relief column arrives? Or will history repeat itself?

Rules: Modified Two Hour War Games
GM: Rodrick Campbell
6 Players
Duration: 3 hrs.
Sponsor: Highlander Studios, Inc.
Children with parent
     I'll be using as many of the new Space: 1889 figures as I can to fill out the Martian troops and mounts for the U.S. Cavalry. I probably will not have the cavalry troopers sculpted by then, but with a bit of luck and some hard work, there should be an impressive showing of other miniatures.

     The last item I have is to point you to some 54mm figure sets I have for sale. I am finally admitting that I just don't have the time to do all of the projects I want. So things have to go to help finance the new stuff. Take a look and see if there is anything that interests you.

     Now... back to work.

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