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Friday, August 26, 2011

Custer Buster Part 2

     I wanted to get a few shots before any of the detailing was done. So here are the photos of the final underpinnings.

     The arm, head and chest are bulked up and the approximate locations of the the cuff, hairline and neck muscles are sketched in.

     This piece is made to be viewed from the front and doesn't hold a lot of visual interest from the sides. However in this view you can better see the angle of the head and inclination of the chest.

     The back isn't as interesting as the front, but there is still some interesting positive/ negative space stuff going on.

     After sitting with this for a couple of days. I can see the bust mounted on a longer irregular piece of driftwood, a branch or an old fence post. I like the look of the square plinth in the sketches, but the stretched, irregular base may work better with the bust. The beauty of having these cast is that I can experiment with several options and keep all of the ones I like.

     Now on to the final detailing. I've not uses Apoxie Sculpt before so this will be a good learning experience. I'm three hours into the project at this point. I'm estimating I have a good thirty to forty to go.

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