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Monday, January 7, 2013

Changes at Highlander Studios, Inc.

    Some changes are happening here at Highlander Studios this year. I sat down with the board members (me) and it was decided that I would no longer be working on commissions for other people on the weekends. I've tried to do this in the past, but I started feeling pressured to complete an assignment and ended up working most weekends as well as throughout the week. That led to a lot of resentment about projects.

    So far this year (yeah only one weekend ;p), I've been able to set work aside and spend some extra time with family, friends and the projects I want to finish for myself. This has had the benefit that I am champing at the bit to get back to work by 1200am Monday morning. So I look forward to more productive work weeks and more relaxing week ends.

    It was also decided that I would not be rushing out to the post office every time an order came in. I will be shipping on Wednesdays. Period. Well, OK, barring holidays on a Wednesday when I may have to pick another day. That allows me to make a more regular work schedule during the week and should lead to better productivity.

    My priorities are taking care of my health, my family and then my business. When all is said and done, I make and sell toys. No one will die or even be injured in the slightest by waiting a few days for their product.

    After the craziness last November and December, I have three commissions that need to be wrapped up. I should have them completed by the end of January. I'm taking most of February to get caught up on the Space: 1889 line and a couple of other Highlander Studios projects. So I won't be scheduling work for other folks until March. I'll be glad to provide estimates and start blocking time for your projects in the interim.

    I appreciate your interest and support of Highlander Studios and hopefully these changes will increase productivity and the speed in which I can get your projects and orders out.

                                                                                                                 The Management (me)


Jay said...

You provide a great product. Agreeably, life is more than man-toys. I appreciate your clearly defined priorities; and waiting for an honest and skilled workman to get his sculpts to me is A_OK!

Rodrick Campbell said...

So far the changes are having a great positive effect. I feel energized by sculpting again. I was really ready to get back to work this Monday. And the sculpting this week has gone really well.