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Thursday, January 3, 2013

State of the Onion

    November and December were pretty much a wash for sculpting. Travel, Christmas prep, care taking, illness and home repairs really ate up a lot of time. I did manage a few hours of sculpting now and then, but not enough to keep me abreast of the commission work.

    2013 has started off well, though. I got a good bit of work done the last two days and I'm starting to build momentum for the rest of the month. Here are a few of the items.

     The third generic FIW casualty is done. Three more will be wrapped up this week and I have 6 to do as quickly as I can after that.

    Hopefully you all remember Binky. If you don't, he's gonna be angry. I've added one more gang member. This one is the leader, Big Momma. Three more to go to complete this set.

    Just a guy with a SAW and a zombie version. Nothing else I can say about these right now.

    The first set of horses is done. Finally. I hate sculpting horses, mostly because I'm not so good at it yet. Anyway, this set of standing horses will be sold as is and also used as dolls for other projects. I believe Splintered Light will be licensing these as well. So they should be available from both companies.

    New ninja goblins for Goblin factory. Bow and Naginata here. Sword and blow gun in the next WIP photo. This will be a set of 6 when these are completed and available for purchase when the Highlander/ Old Glory/ Goblin Factory stars align correctly.

    In other news: I've decided to take a chance on selling Battle Miniatures Emporium's Tommorow Black range of figures as it becomes available. Yeah, I know Joe has had some issues on the web in the past. But he's been a generally decent guy with me and the conditions for consignment seem to be favorable to both of us. So I'm expanding the ranges of product I carry from other companies. I'll post links to the Tomorrow Black sales page when it's time to start selling.

    And now I need to get on with the rest of the day. Thanks stopping by. Have a great weekend and many fun games!


Jay said...

Nice work, Sir.

Joseph Byrd said...

If I look at Big Momma for more than 30 second...I begin to fall in love...I think.

Anonymous said...

Space 1889?