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Friday, January 18, 2013

High Kings and Queens

    My break from 15mm sculpting this last couple of weeks was fairly productive. I was able to wrap up the High Kings and Queens project last night.

    You've seen the Queens in earlier posts. Here are a couple new pictures.

    The first King was started mid last year and sat around in armature stage while other things were going on. Here's the pic of the completed model.

    The last King was started mid last week during my flurry of speed sculpting. I wrapped him up last night.

    He also has a halberd that gets gripped in his left hand. There's already an undercut behind with the scabbard so I wasn't able to attach this and have it remain castable as a single piece. The hand will need to be drilled and the halberd glued in place by the customer.

    This last photo is a group shot to show relative sizes compared with one of Splintered Light's woodland mice.