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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goin' down to Nashcon gonna have ourselves a time...

Goin' down to Nashcon gonna see some friends of mine.

So my friend, Don, from the Goblin Factory gets this bug up his ass to add Nashcon to his show schedule this year. I decided to tag along, see some friends, meet new people and maybe even make a few bucks. The drive down was a bit longer than comfortable; it was a 10 hour trip and I have about an 8 hour ass. The trip back was more of the same. But everything in between added up to one of the most relaxed and enjoyable road trips I've taken in a long time.

From the start, I was impressed. The hotel is nicer than any other convention venue I've attended except maybe GenCon of the mid 80's. The staff was courteous and professional. The rooms were spacious, well kept and comfortable. And the breakfast buffet was my favorite of any place I've stayed.

I really have to hand it to the convention staff also. HMGS - Mid South runs a really good show. They book a great location with a good discount on the room rates and breakfast for two included in the price. The atmosphere is relaxed but well organized. Folks were pleasant, helpful and seemed to enjoy being there. NashBucks are a nice touch also. When the people running the conventions do little things like that to encourage sales in the dealer area, it is greatly appreciated. That branch of HMGS has it's head firmly seated on straight it seems. I heard none of the conversations regarding the board and stupid decision making that I usually hear at conventions. Perhaps HMGS -East could take note and emulate this model.

I was a little out of my element when I heard that the dealer hall was in the main gaming room. I'm used to wrapping up at 6pm and going off to do my own thing. But about the middle of Friday night I really started to enjoy the setup. I could take off and see a few games and still cover the booth. I could leave for a while for a meal if I needed and feel comfortable that things would be fine. The best part though, was that I didn't have to pack up all my tools and projects and drag them around with me in the evening if I wanted to get some more sculpting done.

Being a small convention, sales weren't stellar but acceptable. I felt like I got to see everyone who showed up at least once. I met several new people and had a few surprises as I ran into friends I wasn't expecting to see. And I was able to get a good bit of work done throughout the 14 -15 hours a day I spent in the hall.

I limited my purchases to some 15mm miniatures from Splintered Light and Rebel Minis and some 15mm buildings that Scale Creep was clearing out. Oh, I also found the Winsome Warriors books at one vendor which got me to thinking about sculpting some 40mm gentleman's collectibles.

I was able to finish the last three pieces of a Khurasan project, two more new goblins for the Goblin Factory and made good progress on my 15mm Han Solo and Chewbacca. For months people have been bugging me to sculpt some additional Space Bugs. I finally decided on what I wanted to do and was able to finish three new ones, part of two more and decide on the design for another and the jump packs. I'll make a separate post about them later.

All in all, Nashcon was a great trip. Thanks to all those who made it possible and I look forward to seeing y'all again.

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