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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Space: 1889 license deal closed

I am pleased (and really super excited) to announce that Frank Chadwick and I have recently closed a deal for Highlander Studios, Inc. to create 15mm and 1:1200 scale miniatures for Space: 1889. I am currently designing the prototypes for the first release in mid to late summer of 2011.

The 15mm line will include adventurers, soldiers, creatures and some vehicles/ ships. Both lines will begin with basic troops and ship types from the original Space: 1889 material. Down the road I'll be adding some new designs as approved by Mr. Chadwick.

Why 15mm? In the words of Mr. Wizard, "Because I like it." Well, that's mostly it anyway.

I have a lot of 25mm VSF, but I like the cost, space and painting time savings I get from 15mm. There is also the fact that there isn't a whole lot available yet, which leaves a niche to be filled.

But the greatest factor in choosing 15mm is that I enjoy sculpting that size. I can complete several figures a week while working on other commissions. That's a big consideration when one is the only sculptor in a company.

The figures and 1:1200 ships will be cast in white metal. The 15mm vehicles/ ships will be done in resin. I'm also considering expanded foam for items larger than a foot in length. But that decision is for much later.

I've had a couple of emails from folks already to request certain types of figures. Please feel free to drop me a line with your wish list. I can't promise to get to it all, but suggestions to draw from are always good.

Look for updates on the project here and at Frank's Space: 1889 blog.



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