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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

QWIK - Mud Puppies vs. Dust Mites - Post game report

        Tonight the field of honor was witness to an epic struggle between two less than notable teams. The Mud Puppies took on the under dog home team, the Dust Mites.


Mud Puppies Orange Crush 60
Johnny Lightning Qwik 4 3 5 N
Vance Chain 4 4 4 S
Kyle Drive 1 4 4 5 S
Leroy Drive 2 3 3 4 N
Sarge Drive 3 3 4 3 S


Dust Mites Mellow Yellow 51
Fast Eddie Qwik 4 3 4 N
Lou Chain 3 2 4 S
Carmen Drive 1 3 3 3 S
Hank Drive 2 4 3 4 S
Benny Drive 3 3 3 3 N

        Spirits were high; both sides exchanging insults and taunts as they lined up to do battle.

The teams line up
        The two Qwiks faced off as the first stone was thrown. They scrabbled in the dirt wrestling for the dog skull. Fast Eddie of the Mites twisted Johnny's arm up behind his back and out of its socket.  He grabbed the skull while Johnny writhed in agony on the ground.

        2 stones down.

Johnny Lightning goes down hard
        The Dust Mites set themselves into motion. Lou swung his chain attempting to take the opposing Qwik out of the game. He connected, but did no further damage. The rest of the team moved to support Eddie as he moved to the right of the field.

        Johnny stood up, nursing his arm. Vance caught Mite's Drive, Hank, with his chain, protecting his Qwik while inflicting minor damage. Sarge followed with another attack on Hank, but failed to gain any ground. The other Mud Puppies moved into better positions.

Everyone back on their feet
        8 stones.

        The Mites spend the next few seconds consolidating their position.

United front
        In a flurry of aggression, the Puppies press attacks against Hank and Benny. Hank holds off Leroy but takes an incredible whack from Sarge and is knocked out of the game. Benny dodges Vance's chain while Sarge  and the Mite's Qwik dance around trying to find an opening. Johnny darts in to grapple with Eddie and is thrown to the ground a second time. Kyle moves to protect the stake.

Johnny face dances again
        20 stones. One Dust Mite out of the game but they still have the skull.

        Lou's chain attack fails to impress Sarge. Carmen attacks him as well and is slammed to the ground by Sarge's pile driver. Benny seizes his chance and clubs Johnny Lightning into submission while he's down. Eddie moves toward the stake, dodging a sweep attack from Leroy on his way past.

Eddie breaks for the stake
        Leroy looks for an opening against Eddie,  and finds none. But Eddie's luck doesn't hold as Kyle hammers him into the ground, dislodging the skull and pinning him. The other Puppies maneuver for better position.

Eddie gets pinned
        29 stones. The Mud Puppies have no Qwik, but they have their opponent's Qwik pinned and hurt.

        The Dust Mites move to try to help their Qwik.

        Kyle moves to attack Benny to no effect. Sarge puts the pin on Fast Eddie again. Leroy lands a hard strike against Lou's head and takes him out of the game.

Two Mites left standing
        35 stones. The Mites are in dire straights, but the best the Mud Puppies can do is pin or knock them out of the game and wait for the 100 stone break.

        Carmen launches a ferocious attack against Leroy pushing him back into Benny. They scuffle a bit, but Benny is knocked down and pinned.

        Vance catches Carmen with his chain doing a little damage. A follow up by Leroy slams Carmen to the ground and knocks him out of the game. Kyle moves in to pin Benny. 

Two pinned, three out of the game. Poor Dust Mites.
        43 stones.

        The pinned Dust Mites struggle against the Mud Puppies as the stone count continues.

        100 Stones done! Both teams stagger back to their side of the field trying to recover or find replacements to continue the game after the break.

         To be continued...


The Angry Lurker said...

Very good, sounds like a great game.

Rodrick Campbell said...

It was a lot of fun, indeed, and totally different from any of the several other games I've played. Usually when one team starts moving the skull it carries momentum through the finish. especially when the opposing Qwik is hurt.