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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Do you not understand the fiction part?

    I was talking on the phone yesterday with a guy who wanted to buy some Space: 1889 figures. He likes 15mm because he can have larger battles and still have detail on his miniatures. He tells me about all of his armies that he has in 15mm. I ask about zombies. You gotta have zombies, right? His response was, "No, no zombies. Name one time when a dead person got up and walked."

    Two minutes later he's telling me about the size and dimensions of a ruhmet breer and how much metal it would take to cast it in 15mm. Then he goes on to tell me how his character invented lightning cannons and how he wanted gashant for his Brits to ride. It hit me hard then: Some people are so entrenched in their own fantasy that not only are they not in touch with reality, which is scary enough, but they also refuse to allow that other fantasies are possible. I've known this for a long time, but encountering it first hand now and then really drives it home.

    Now that the rambling is over here are a couple pics of the fourth project this week. Only one more to go.

     I'll be sending the first set of British soldiers to the caster with the other stuff I finished this week. Just some basic poses. Looks like I need to reshape the helmet on the center one.

    I'll be adding a couple more packs as quickly as I can. There will be some who are more in motion, some officers and NCOs and specialists types. When I ge masters back from this mold, I'll be adding some breathing apparatus for thin/ poisonous atmosphere and some more exotic weaponry.

    Other items that need completion soon are the rest of the hill Martians, naval/ air crews and cavalry. Then I can move on to the high Martians.


Don M said...

Great looking stuff!

Eli Arndt said...

Excellent stuff. I love these Brits and am happy to here there are more of their kind coming. Also yay on Hill Martians and High Martians.


Jay said...

Very nice sculpting, Col.

Brother Joseph said...

To fun...ain't it Roddie?

Then you have the wackos out there that hate you...How dare you not like what they worship!
How dare you produce models in your own good time, and according to your resources!
How dare you laugh at their naive stupidity.

Make what you want to own, and be happy with being REAL! You spend the time, money, and effort to sculpt these models, so make exactly what YOU want...and of course what the COOL People are paying you to do. Fuck everybody else, because they do NOT buy anything.

Allison M. said...

Once you allow a lot of the bullsh*t pseudo-science, Clarke's 3rd Law, and hand-waving required for most science fantasy... there's probably room to squeeze zombies in somewhere. That's the beauty of it :)

It is amazing how wrapped up some people get in "Fandom". Sadly, it generally correlates to either a profoundly unsatisfying Mundane life (which no-one should have to endure) or mental instability (which no-one should have to endure either). FIAWOL, sure, but it shouldn't BE one's life.

Brother Joseph said...

"FIAWOL, sure, but it shouldn't BE one's life."


"gunner" said...

wot, no zombies?
i'm an old time sci-fi/fantasy reader/fan, who used to read edgar rice burroughs and daydream about dejah thoris running around dressed in nothing but a few strategically placed jewels and wisps of silk. "victorian sci-fi" is fun, as is "steampunk". we know mars is a dry, empty world, and venus is a burned, uninhabitable hell, but so what. imagination can mold them to our desire, and we can enjoy them as we please in fiction, and if some fictional mad scientist can create zombies that's why webley makes revolvers and winchester makes riot guns.

J Womack, Esq. said...

He said High Martians! I heard it!